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As a reputable company that produces quality products and stands behind its promises, we fulfill your requests in accordance with ethical values.

Organic cotton towel manufacturer and clothing manufacturer in UK

Our target is to help in the most suitable, highest quality, and most detailed product groups on clothing, towels, socks

Our inhouse production of cotton cloths and towel in UK

Dream your designs and we are here to source and produce for you


Story is starting with your lovely designs. According to your designs, we are start off by sourcing fabrics, with our teams in Turkey. When everything is sourced, we prepare an initial sample and colour lab dips for you to approve. After creating the lab dips, fabric quality and the first sample approval, we can kick-start the journey with ordering fabrics and trimmings in the desired colours. To meet your delivery dates, we are setting up a production timeline with our factories. When the bulk fabric and trims get in stock, we are preparing PPS samples for your final approval before bulk start.

After sample approval, we are ready to move bulk. At this stage, our experienced QA team has to be on the field exactly in this area to control every stage of the production cutting, sewing, knitting, printing or embroidery follow up to check if everything goes smoothly. Before the goods start to get sewed (especially in jersey wear and wovenware), our QC team may ask the factory to do a sample, to check if the sewing machine set up is correct for the product. Our QC needs to focus on everything at inline inspection to prevent quality problems.

Packaging is also just as important in the production process. Once the products have finished from bulk they are ready to be packed. All goods need to be packed according to client requirement and standards. Before packing, all products must be checked by the factory’s own controller team. Post production processes consist of cleaning up any untrimmed and unwanted thread, pressing, measure checking, folding and packing. Any out of tolerance products needs to eliminated at this stage by controllers. After that, all controlled and ironed products can start to packed and boxed.
AQL inspection

When the goods are packed and boxed, our QC team can check the orders according to AQL 2.5.
What does this AQL 2.5 mean?
First things first, AQL stands for Acceptable Quality level. AQL 2.5 used to define their quality performance. How many defects and defective pieces in a shipment allowed if the inspection is done at 2.5 AQL. If the products are in line and meet with the AQL 2.5 first inspection, it is considered that the factory’s product is very good.

Once the goods have passed by our QC team, they are then ready to dispatch. Before goods leave the factory, we organise a shipment process by using our contacts or expertise for timing and affordable costing. We advise delivery options and cost for air/road delivery, depending on your preferences. After goods have been delivered by a courier, whether that is by cargo or road, we follow up the goods closely with our freight forwarder company until the goods get delivered to your warehouse.
Our Mission

To produce high quality products and to work ethically standing behind our words and to be respectable and honest company. To give and provide best service to our clients. To become a company adding values and bringing new solutions.